Implementation and policy checking
on FFV1, Matroska, LPCM, and more

Jérôme Martinez, MediaArea

Experience Workshop - November 2016
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What is MediaConch?

MediaConch is a conformance checker

  • Implementation checker
  • Policy checker
  • Reporter
  • Fixer

What is MediaConch?

Implementation and Policy reporter

What is MediaConch?

Implementation report:
Policy report:

What is MediaConch?

General information about your files

What is MediaConch?

Inspect your files

What is MediaConch?

Policy editor

What is MediaConch?

Public policies
Public Policies

What is MediaConch?


  • Segment sizes in Matroska
  • Matroska “bit flip” correction
  • FFV1 “bit flip” correction


Archivematica is an integrated suite of open-source software tools that allows users to process digital objects from ingest to access in compliance with the ISO-OAIS functional model

MediaConch interfaces

  • Graphical interface
  • Web interface
  • Command line
  • Server (REST API)
  • (Work in progress) a library (.dll/.so/.dylib)

MediaConch output formats

  • XML (native format)
  • Text
  • HTML
  • (Work in progress) PDF
  • Tweakable! (with XSL)

Open source

  • GPLv3+ and MPLv2+
  • Relies on MediaInfo (metadata extraction tool)
  • Use well-known open source libraries: Qt, sqlite, libevent, libxml2, libxslt, libexslt...

Supported formats

  • Priorities for the implementation checker

    • Matroska
    • FFV1
    • PCM
  • Can accept any format supported by MediaInfo for the policy checker

    • MXF + JP2k
    • QuickTime/MOV
    • Audio files (WAV, BWF, AIFF...)
    • ...

Supported formats

Can be expanded

  • By plugins
    • Support of PDF checker: VeraPDF plugin
    • Support of TIFF checker: DPF Manager plugin
    • You use another checker? Let us know
  • By internal development
    • More tests on your preferred format is possible
    • It depends on you!


Several input formats are accepted

  • FFV1 from MOV or AVI
  • Matroska with other video formats
  • (Work in progress) Extraction of a PDF or TIFF attachement from a Matroska container and analyze with a plugin (e.g. VeraPDF and DPF Manager)
  • ...


Input can be from:

  • Files (local/network)
  • Amazon S3


Binaries are provided for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
    Homebrew users:"brew install mediaconch", that's all!
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE...)
    Since Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian Testing/9 users:
    "apt-get install mediaconch" or in Ubuntu Store, that's all!
    (it is in the official distros repository)
  • Embedded devices? Doable
    (we tested it on a Raspberry Pi )
  • Can be ported on other distros (BSD...)


  • Matroska is widely used but not (yet) standardized
  • FFV1 is gaining increasing usage in preservation contexts but is not (yet) standardized

CELLAR: IETF workgroup

FFV1 performance

  • NOA tested on SD 8-bit content:
    • i7-2600 (4 cores+HT, 3.4-3.8 GHz)
    • 3-4x real time
    • 4-5x decoding speed increase compared to JP2k
  • VIAA is testing on SD 10-bit content (FFmpeg 3.2):
    • E5-2698V3 (16 cores+HT, 2.3-3.6 GHz)
    • 0.7x real time/thread, 11-12x real time/all cores+HT
    • 3-4x decoding speed increase compared to JP2k
    • Better compression ratio by 8-10% compared to JP2k

FFV1 performance

  • This is an average, results varies depending on the content of files
    • From 0.4x to 2.4x (average 0.7x) real time/thread (encoding/decoding)
    • From 0.7x to 16x (average 3.5x) the speed of JP2k (FFmpeg)
  • Not convinced?
    • Test on your own files
    • MediaArea will provide test scripts
    • We can perform tests for you


  • 2 project leaders

    • Jerôme Martinez (Digital Media Analysis Specialist, France)
    • Dave Rice (Archivist, USA)
  • Presentations worldwide

    • IASA, France
    • FIAT/IFTA, Austria
    • FOSDEM, Belgium
    • AMIA, USA
    • Code4Lib, USA
    • JTS, Singapore
    • (3-6 October 2016) IPRES, Switzerland
    • (25-29 September 2016) IASA, USA

Matroska research corpus

What's next?

  • Continue to improve handling of huge collections
  • Continue to improve user interface
  • Support of embedded attachments
  • Statistics
  • Finish standardization of Matroska and FFV1
  • More conformance tests
  • More fixing cases

And after PREFORMA sponsorship?

It depends on you!

  • This is open source
  • Driven by user requests
  • Everyone can develop or sponsor a development
  • Potential features:
    • Support of tests for your prefered format
      (MOV? MXF? JP2k? WAV?)
    • Support of other checkers
      (BWF MetaEdit? QCTools?)
    • Integration in your workflow
    • ...

Example (Plugins)

Example (Plugins)

Example (Plugins)

Stay in touch

MediaArea:, @MediaArea_net

MediaConch:, @MediaConch

Jérôme Martinez:


License: CC BY