Implementation and policy checking
on FFV1, Matroska, LPCM (and more)

Jérôme Martinez, MediaArea

No Time To Wait
Vienna, November 2017
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Open source software company focused on digital media analysis. We work (different levels of involvement) on:

  • MediaInfo
    Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files
  • MediaConch
    Implementation checker, policy checker, & reporter
  • QCTools
    Helps users analyze and understand their digitized video files through use of audiovisual analytics and filtering
  • BWF MetaEdit, AVI MetaEdit, MOV MetaEdit
    Embedding, validating, and exporting of metadata
  • DV Analyzer
    Checking presence of technical errors in DV captures

What is MediaConch?

Implementation and Policy reporter

What is MediaConch?

Implementation report:
Policy report:

What is MediaConch?

General information about your files

What is MediaConch?

Inspect your files

What is MediaConch?

Policy editor

What is MediaConch?

Public policies
Public Policies

What is MediaConch?


  • Segment sizes in Matroska
  • Matroska “bit flip” correction
  • FFV1 “bit flip” correction


Archivematica is an integrated suite of open-source software tools that allows users to process digital objects from ingest to access in compliance with the ISO-OAIS functional model

MediaConch interfaces

  • Graphical interface
  • Web interface
  • Command line
  • Server (REST API)
  • (Work in progress) a library (.dll/.so/.dylib)

CELLAR: IETF workgroup

And after PREFORMA sponsorship?

It depends on you!

  • This is open source
  • Driven by user requests
  • Everyone can develop or sponsor a development
  • Potential features:
    • Support of tests for your prefered format
      (MOV? MXF? JP2k? WAV?)
    • Support of other checkers
      (BWF MetaEdit? QCTools?)
    • Integration in your workflow
    • ...

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