What's new in MediaConch
(and MediaInfo)

Implementation and policy checker

Jérôme Martinez, MediaArea

No Time to Wait 7, November 2023

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What is MediaConch?

Implementation and policy checker, reporter

The past

  • Started in 2015 with European Union funding.
  • Initial focus was on open source formats
  • Other companies selected for PDF and TIFF.
  • Also the start of IETF Working Group for MKV/FFV1/FLAC standardization.
  • Also the start of NTTW.

MediaConch latest developments (2023)

  • Different levels of logging (error/warning/info)
  • Fully online version (no file upload) for embeding in your website
  • Better support of several audio tracks
    ("all" or "any" policy rules)
  • xHE-AAC/USAC full implementation checker
  • Superfast option: parsing only the header

MediaInfo latest developments (2023)

Focus on MPEG-7 output:

  • Support of collections (for DVD Video)
  • 3 modes (strict, relaxed*, extended*)
  • More sub-termIDs (AudioPresentationCS)
  • More PublicIdentifiers
  • More sub-termIDs (MP4, WAV, AVC, ProRes)

* Not always standard...

Sponsored by Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French national library)

MediaInfo latest developments (2023)


  • ISO 9660 native support (focused on DVD Video)
  • More HDR formats (SMPTE ST 2094-10, HDR Vivid)
  • Time code in MKV, AVC & HEVC
  • Extract of all time codes from a file, XML format (currrently only for for MXF)
  • APT-X100 a.k.a. Cinema DTS
  • N19/STL & WebVTT: more details (start/end timestamp, max count of lines, total count of lines, ...)
  • S-ADM in MGA in MXF, AAC in MXF

Not only about software

Dedicated webpage for MediaInfo field names
Mapping to MPEG-7/PBCore/EBUCore and comparison of theses output formats
Sponsored by Bibliothèque Nationale de France


Current developments

  • Comparison operations between properties across tracks
  • ADM full implementation checker
  • MXF partial implementation & policy checker
    focused on issues from broadcasters
  • Check of MXF & MKV time code discontinuities
  • SMPTE ST 436 VBI parsing for catching VITC & Line 21
  • More options for probing caption presence in MXF
  • Report of MediaConch errors also in MediaInfo

And beyond?

  • It depends on you.
  • What are your needs?

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