Voting points

Voting points are intended to give you a voice in decisions over priorities in the development of MediaArea tools. Each person with voting points get points that they can assign to a task. After a task has been completed, voting points given towards a task are applied. For example, if a person has 10 points and assigns 2 points to a task, then those points are used only when the task is complete and a person has 8 points remaining. MediaArea will then check which task has the better ratio between points and the cost of a task, and select the next task to work on.
Voting points manager will be available at the beginning of 2018.

Examples of items:

  • MediaInfo JSON output (need minimal 1500 votes)
  • No Time To Wait 3 in New-York (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • RDD11 support (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • Choice of timestamp format, e.g. always with milliseconds (500 votes)
  • MOV repair tool, in case of crash of a smartphone, i.e. footer not written (5000 votes)
  • AS07 conformance checker (? votes)
  • MP4/MOV repair tool
  • MXF repair tool
  • Decoding of VBI in MXF, usually having Line21 (need minimal 3000 votes)
  • Reorder trace when there are some seek in the file e.g. MOV with moov atom at the end (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • DV (dv capture + analysis in one tool) with a focus on journalism organizations with dv tape collections (need minimal TBD votes).
  • Selection of MediaInfo fields to show in MediaInfo GUI (need minimal 6000 votes)
  • Statistics of your files (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Extraction and analyze of XMP in MOV (need minimal 3000 votes)
  • Fixes for Windows explorer integration (right click, tooltip) (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • Rewrite of the template engine and add new features e.g. out of order parts and select of a specific track (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Support of WTV (Windows Recorded TV Show) format (need minimal 3000 votes)
  • Support of DSF (Direct Stream Digital Stream File) format, technical part (need minimal 1000 votes)
  • Support of DFF (Direct Stream Digital Interchange File Format) format, technical part (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • Our tools in Windows Store (need minimal 1000 votes)
  • Our tools in MacPorts (Command line only) (need minimal 1000 votes)
  • Our tools in MacPorts (Command line and Graphical interfaces) (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • Find similar content in a repository (need minimal 5000 votes, rely on INA Signature)
  • 80-hour block of non regression tests additions (need minimal 6000 votes)
  • 80-hour block of global performance improvement (need minimal 6000 votes)
  • Modification of the template for the Windows tooltip (need minimal 2000 votes)
  • Speedup of MXF parsing (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Android version of MediaInfo (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • iOS version of MediaInfo (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Bittorrent protocol support in MediaInfo (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • ISO support in MediaInfo (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Multi-language MediaConch (need minimal 10000 votes)
  • Global review and addition of binding (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • MacOS spotlight integration (need minimal 3000 votes)
  • Windows file properties integration (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • MediaInfo online (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • ARD/ZDF profile policy checker (need minimal 6000 votes)
  • MXF implementation checker (need minimal lot of votes!)
  • AS/02 implementation checker (need minimal lot of votes!)
  • MediaInfo AWS service (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • MediaConch AWS service (need minimal 5000 votes)
  • Documentation (e.g. difference between Height, Stored_Height and Sample_Height)

How useful is a single membership (without voting points)?

At the moment, a single membership is a way to show your support and improve MediaArea tools. In the future, contingent on voting, you will get access to more members-only features.

Where does the money go?

MediaArea is an open source organization and works in the open as much as possible. Because of this, we also want to be as transparent as possible with our budget so you can better understand where your money goes. Below is an average estimated annual budget for maintaining and expanding tools we are working on (excluding specific projects):

StaffFR 170 k€/year (3 full-time), US 40 k€/year (partial time)
Hardware/Hosting (including test files backup)15 k€/year
Travel/Meetings10 k€/year
Legal/Administrative10 k€/year
Bank fees5 k€/year

Total250 k€/year

About MediaArea

MediaArea.net SARL (equivalent to LLC) is a French based company founded in 2007 (official source) and selling professional services for 10 years, held at 100% by Jérôme Martinez and with a shareholders’ equity of 125 000 € (public source, and you can order official detailed annual reports from the official source for 6 €).

Severity levels

Critical: production server is blocked and no workaround is immediately available. Substantial portion of critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption. Business operations are severely disrupted. Example: a new incoming file makes the server crashing.
Major: operations can continue in a restricted mode, although productivity is adversely affected. A temporary workaround is available. Example: a format feature is expected to be detected but is not, a file is considered not compliant but is actually compliant
Minor: non-critical loss of functionality. Example: text typo