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MediaConch Newsletter No. 6 (4 July 2016)

MediaConch Newsletter #6 (July 2016) Happy July From the MediaArea Team!… [continue]

MediaConch Newsletter No. 5 (1 Jun 2016)

MediaConch Newsletter #5 (June 2016) Happy Summer From the MediaArea Team!… [continue]

MediaConch Newsletter No. 4 (6 Apr 2016)

MediaConch Newsletter #4 (April 2016) Happy Spring From the MediaArea Team!… [continue]

MediaConch Newsletter No. 3 (4 Jan 2016)

MediaConch Newsletter #3 (January 2016) Happy New Year from the MediaArea team! New Release What’s new in MediaConch 15.12? Database support introduced With an introduction of a database built into the GUI, the most noticeable improvement is speed. Instead of parsing a file every time it is analyzed, it will only be parsed once, with subsequent policies then applied to the pre-analyzed content.… [continue]

MediaConch now has a logo!

MediaConch now has a logo! MediaConch now has a logo! Its absence was growing larger and heavier with each release that borrows the MediaInfo logo or relies on a shell emoji. MediaConch’s sibling software projects under PREFORMA, DPF Manager and veraPDF, have had beautiful logos since the beginning. Below, MediaConch team member Ashley will discuss the development process for the MediaConch logo… [continue]

File Analysis, Conformity Checks, and XML Power

Building a Conformance Check Framework for the Future Although initally focused on a select set of file formats, the vision of the PreForma project is to build conformance checkers that are well-prepared to expand to incorporate support for other file formats. Many aspects of checking the conformity of digital files are complex, involving the comprehensive parsing of file formats, interpretation of… [continue]

MediaArea presents at AMIA

MediaArea presents at AMIA Ashley Blewer and Dave Rice represented MediaConch at the 2015 Association of Moving Image Archivists in Portland, together with Erwin Verbruggen from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The group spoke on Friday afternoon during the session "Validate Your Digital Assets: PREFORMA, MediaConch and File Compliance." Erwin introduced the European Commission-supported… [continue]

MediaArea presents at FIAT/IFTA

MediaArea presents at FIAT/IFTA On October 8, Tessa Fallon presented on FFV1 as a representative of the PREFORMA/MediaArea team at the Fédération Internationale des Archives de Télévision / The International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) World Conference in Vienna. The theme of the conference was "Audiovisual Culture, a bridge to the future"--what better illustration of future… [continue]

MediaConch Newsletter No. 2 (2 Nov 2015)

MediaConch Newsletter No. 2 (2 Nov 2015) Hello! Welcome to the MediaConch Newsletter. Here we’ll be providing regular updates on all aspects of MediaConch. MediaConch is part of the PREFORMA (PREServation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives) project, co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7-ICT programme. Learn more about MediaConch here.  MediaConch Release Notes October’s release… [continue]

MediaConch at IASA

The MediaConch Presentation at IASA In late September, Herman Lewetz of the Österreichische Mediathek presented a paper on behalf of the MediaArea team at the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) 46th Annual Conference in Paris. The presentation focused on ongoing standardization efforts and archival adoption of Matroska and FFV1 and detailed the components of the MediaConch… [continue]