Explanations of Errors and Warnings

paddingAn odd byte length chunks exists that is not immediately followed by a NULL byte. This could cause problems in reading subsequent chunks in some systems.
no AVI headerThe file does not appear to be a AVI file.
smallThe declared chunk size of the RIFF chunk is smaller than the file actually is.
no RIFF headerThe file does not initiate with a RIFF chunk.
truncatedThe actual file size is less than is stated in the file's chunk size declarations. This could indicate that the file is the result of an interrupted duplication or transfer.
chunk is too big, it can not be loadedThe total size of the non-video-data chunks exceed the amount of memory available.
2 XXXX chunksThe file contains two chunks of the same chunk id but such chunk is not expected to be present twice (e.g. header).

Other File Errors

Cannot seek input file
Cannot open input file in read/write mode
Cannot seek input file, file may be CORRUPTED
Cannot write input file, file may be CORRUPTED
Cannot create temporary file
Cannot write temporary file
Original file cannot be deleted
Temporary file cannot be renamed
WARNING, impossible to validate the resulting file, file may be CORRUPTED
File does not exist anymore
Old temporary file cannot be deleted
File size would be too big
Internal error