DVRescue supports improving DV files that have already been created by allowing such files to be assessed, so that the software may selectively retry portions of the tape and incorporate any improvements into the existing file.
Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities; designed and led by Dave Rice and the Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound (MIPoPS); developed by MediaArea.
Check the DV Rescue project annoncement for more information.
Project is at an early stage level, all features are not yet implemented.
Version 24.05
Other versions (packaging, OS, interface...) are also available (Microsoft Windows macOS Debian Ubuntu Linux Mint CentOS Fedora ArchLinux)
See ChangeLog or very latest snapshots (CLI, GUI)


It is Open-Source software which means that end users and developers have the freedom to study, improve and redistribute the program (BSD 3-Clause license).