Team rules

A team member is an individual liking to work with other MediaArea team members, in cooperation and offering competences for improving and/or advocating open source media analysis tools.

As in October 2017, rules are:

  • Name inclusion is at the sole discretion of Jérôme Martinez with approval of new team member, maybe after suggestion from a team member, don’t ask yourself for inclusion to be a team member
  • No commitment from the team to provide work to any team member
  • No commitment from the team member to provide work to the team
  • Name can be removed or moved to “former team members” page unilaterally by Jérôme Martinez
  • Team member name can be removed unilaterally by the team member
  • If someone contacts MediaArea with an hint about a team member, mail is redirected to the team member or is in copy of the answer
  • Team member agrees to the code of conduct
  • These terms are non-transferable