XML Chunks

Several advanced video tools allow for the generation or editing of metadata chunks that contain XML data. Three of these chunks are iXML, XMP, and aXML.

The Technical View of AVI MetaEdit notes the existence of these metadata chunks by displaying a 'Yes' or a 'No' under the 'aXML', 'iXML', and 'XMP' columns.

Double-clicking on the 'aXML', 'iXML', or 'XMP' cell for open any video file will open a window displaying the XML data stored in the associated chunk. The user may read, write or edit data directly in this window.

XML Exports

Export XML chunks in batches

Under the Export toolbar menu there are options to export the 'aXML', 'iXML', or 'XMP' chunks. These export options will generate one sidecar file for each open video file that contains corresponding chunks. If a file called Test_Audio_File.avi contains an XMP chunk, then selecting Export/XMP from the toolbar menu will generate a file called Test_Audio_File.avi.XMP.xml within the same directory as a sidecar file. Be aware that exporting an XML chunk from a AVI file to a sidecar XML will overwrite any existing XML file with the same name (i.e. running Export/XMP a second time on Test_Audio_File.avi would create a second Test_Audio_File.avi.XMP.xml that would overwrite the first.

Export XML chunks individually

When right-clicking (or control-clicking) on a cell that states the presence of an XML chunk, the user can select 'Export' and export the xml chunk from the video file to a xml file as a selected destination.

Import XML chunks individually

When right-clicking (or control-clicking) on a cell under the XML chunk columns for a specified video file, an 'Import' option is provided which allows an XML file to be selected and imported into the chunk. Alternatively double-clicking on a XML chunk cell opens a text dialog box in which an XML document could be pasted or edited.


The current version AVI MetaEdit does not provide any verification that data entered into these chunks represents a valid XML document or valid instances of 'aXML', 'iXML', or 'XMP'. There is also no 'undo' option for data edited or written into these chunks. Use this editing function at your own risk.