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MediaConch Newsletter #7 (September 2016)

Happy September From the MediaArea Team!

New Release Notes

What's new in MediaConch 16.08

Local GUI
  • New policy editor
  • Policy Editor: closes messages when user changes the policy/rule
  • Checker: remove a node is not saved & fixed hadling of files with special characters
  • Added ctrl-q shortcut to quit
  • Better handling of user path
Online GUI
  • Policy Editor: closes message when user changes policy/rule
  • Checker: fixed handling of files with special characters
  • Better handling of user path
Latest Downloads
Download MediaConch's latest release or a daily build.
MediaConch now supports plugins including VeraPDF and DPFManager!
Improved User Path Display! 


Sign up for our upcoming MediaConch webinar on Thursday, September 15th at 3pm CET / 9am EST / 6am PST (for the early risers!).

MediaArea.net folks and PREFORMA will be hosting a workshop at iPRES in Bern, Switzerland on Wednesday, October 5th! Check out our Workshop 3: Quality Standards for Preserving Digital Cultural Heritage.

In case you missed it, here is a great synopsis of our pre-IETF Berlin Symposium: No Time to Wait!: Standardizing FFV1 & Matroska for Preservation held July 18th - 20th. You can also check out ample documentation and links to videos of the talks. The MediaConch project and this symposium has received funding from PREFORMA, co-funded by the European Commission under it's FP7-ICT Programme.


MediaArea is eager to build a community of collaborators and testers to integrate the software in their workflows and participate in usability testing. Please contact us if you'd like to be involved!