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MediaConch Newsletter #9 (November 2016)

Ahoy from MediaArea!


Now you can detect and correct bit flip and incorrect segment sizes with our brand new fixer!

Learn how to fix FFV1 bit flip in our demo here, it's groovy.

     Bit Flip Detected                  Bit Flip Corrected

Also, the implementation checker now uses more features of Matroska's EBML Schema, including checks on the size of elements, ranges of values, more crc checks, a fix to Matroska interlacement tests, distinction between tests in Matroska's EBML Header versus the Segment Element, and a check for when Elements are too small to contain their mandates.

The policy checker adds additional operators such as 'starts with' and 'does not exist'. The display of policy results is further optimized.

And lastly, you can now use, create, and share public policies with the community!
Create, share, and use public policies!

Team MediaConch in the Wild

Jérôme and Guillaume will be sharing our progress at the PREFORMA Experience Workshop this week on November 23rd at Kulturforum in Berlin. You can still register here if you are able to attend! 

We had a great time connecting with the community at the annual AMIA conference during the second week of November where folks gave talks, tutorials, and made awesome posters about MediaConch implementation. Glad to see some of you!

Dave and Natalie joined forces with the Archivematica team last month for a special webinar about how to use MediaConch as a micro-service and beyond. In case you missed it, both Dave's slides and the full presentation are online!
Latest Downloads
Download MediaConch's latest release or a daily build.
MediaConch now supports plugins including VeraPDF and DPFManager!

New Release Notes

What’s new in MediaConch 16.10

  • Update implementation tests, policies, and displays
  • Handle latest versions of VeraPDF and DPF Manager
  • Several minor fixes
  • Fixer
Online GUI
  • Public Policies Page
  • FFmpeg plugin
  • Watch folder plugin
Bonus Update for the GUI / Server!

Learn How to Migrate old policies created before the MediaConch 16.09 release.

The MediaConch project has received funding from PREFORMA, co-funded by the European Commission under it's FP7-ICT Programme.


MediaArea is eager to build a community of collaborators and testers to integrate the software in their workflows and participate in usability testing. Please contact us if you'd like to be involved!