Description of the issue

usacSamplingFrequency is used but usacSamplingFrequencyIndex (value) could be used instead


Best practice


ISO IEC 23003-3 (USAC):
usacSamplingFrequencyIndex: Not forbidden but there is no good reason to avoid usacSamplingFrequencyIndex when it is possible
usacSamplingFrequency: "Output sampling frequency"
coreSbrFrameLengthIndex: "determines the output frame length of the decoder, the sbrRatio and the sbrRatioIndex respectively, as well as the coreCoderFrameLength (ccfl) and the value of numSlots which is used in Mps212"

Possible solution/action

ISO IEC 23003-3:
Fix the encoder in order to use usacSamplingFrequencyIndex when it is possible, then reencode the content.