(General compliance) UsacConfig

Extra zero bytes after the end of the syntax was reached (frames 0+84)


UsacLfeElement support not implemented (frames 0.0+84.0+126)

ISO IEC 23003-3 (USAC):
UsacLfeElement: "Syntactic element that contains a low sampling frequency enhancement channel"

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(Crosscheck) sbgp/roll_distance

MP4 sbgp is not present and this is an independent frame (IF), seeking is not optimal (frames 41+42+83+125+126)

ISO IEC 14496-12 (MPEG-4 ISO base media file format):
roll_distance: stts is used for signaling only immediate play-out frames (IPF), but seeking may also be done on independent frames (IF) via sample group mechanics, this would improve seeking behavior through the presence of more seeking points when the player supports sample group mechanics"

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