Name of this element



This element configuration can be used for configuring any kind of existing or future extensions to the codec


ISO IEC 23003-3 (USAC)

List of fields with at least one check

usacExtElementConfigLength: Signals the length of the extension configuration in bytes
usacExtElementDefaultLengthPresent: signals whether a usacExtElementDefaultLength is conveyed in the UsacExtElementConfig()
usacExtElementPayloadFrag: indicates whether the payload of this extension element may be fragmented and send as several segments in consecutive USAC frames

List of checks involving this element

AudioPreRoll usacExtElementConfigLength is 1 but only 0 is allowed
AudioPreRoll usacExtElementDefaultLengthPresent is 1 but only 0 is allowed
AudioPreRoll usacExtElementPayloadFrag is 1 but only 0 is allowed
AudioPreRoll is present in position (value) but only presence in position 0 is allowed