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MediaInfo Matroska ID3v2 Vorbis APEv2 WM RIFF Dublin Description
Collection TargetTypeValue=70 - TITLE           title Title of the collection
Season TargetTypeValue=60 - TITLE           title Title of the season
Album (Audio)
Movie (Video)
TargetTypeValue=50 - TITLE TALB ALBUM ALBUM     title Title of the album or movie
Usualy, title of the file for a video file
Part TargetTypeValue=40 - TITLE             Title of the part
(Not usualy used)
Track (Audio)
Chapter (Video)

TargetTypeValue=30 - TITLE

TIT2 TITLE TITLE   INAM title Title of the track or chapter
Usualy, title of the file for an audio file
SubTrack (Audio) TargetTypeValue=20 - TITLE           title Title of the subtrack
(not usualy used)
Original/Album (Audio)
Original/Movie (Video)
ORIGINAL - TargetTypeValue=50 - TITLE TOAL (Video)         title Original album or movie name (in case of a remake/remix).
Original/Track (Audio) ORIGINAL - TargetTypeValue=30 - TITLE TOAL (Audio)         title Original track name
in case of a remix)
Track/More (Audio) TargetTypeValue=30 - SUBTITLE TIT3 VERSION SUBTITLE     title alternative Subtitle. May also be used to differentiate multiple versions of the same tracktitle in a single collection (e.g. remix info); e.g. "live", "acoustic", "radio edit", "12 inch remix", etc.
(Organization / Relation with other composants)
Organization / Relation with other composants
Track/Position TargetTypeValue=30 - PART_NUMBER TRCK* TRACKNUMBER TRACK   IPRT   Number of the current track

TargetTypeValue=40 - PART_NUMBER

TPOS* DISCNUMBER         Number of the current part
Usualy the number in a multi-disc album
TargetTypeValue=30 - TOTAL_PARTS TRCK*       IFRM   Total number of tracks
Album/Part_Total TargetTypeValue=40 - TOTAL_PARTS TPOS*           Total number of parts
Usualy the count of discs in a multi-disc album
ARTIST       A person or band/collective generally considered responsible for the work : Singer, Realisator
Performer/Sort ARTIST (or LEAD_PERFORMER) - SORT_WITH TSOP           Defines a string which should be used instead of the performer for sorting purposes.
WOAR           Official artist/performer webpage.


TOPE           Original artist(s)/performer(s).
Accompaniment ACCOMPANIMENT TPE2 ENSEMBLE         Band/orchestra/accompaniment/musician.
Composer COMPOSER TCOM COMPOSER COMPOSER   IMUS creator Name of the original composer.
Composer/Nationality COMPOSER_NATIONALITY           coverage Nationality of the main composer of the item, mostly for classical music.
Arranger ARRANGER   ARRANGER       creator The person who arranged the piece; e.g. "Ravel".
Lyricist LYRICIST TEXT LYRICIST       creator The person who wrote the lyrics for a musical item.
Original/Lyricist ORIGINAL - LYRICIST TOLY           Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s).
Conductor CONDUCTOR TPE3 CONDUCTOR CONDUCTOR       The artist(s) who performed the work. In classical music this would be the conductor, orchestra, soloists.
Actor ACTOR           ISTR Real name of actor or actress playing a role in the movie.
Actor_Character ACTOR - CHARACTER             Name of the character an actor or actress plays in this movie.
WrittenBy WRITTEN_BY   AUTHOR     IWRI creator The author of the story or script.
ScreenplayBy SCREENPLAY_BY             The author of the screenplay or scenario (used for movies and TV shows).
Director DIRECTOR         IART   Name of the director.
AssistantDirector ASSISTANT_DIRECTOR             Name of the assistant director.
DirectorOfPhotography DIRECTOR_OF_PHOTOGRAPHY         ICNM   The name of the director of photography, also known as cinematographer.
ArtDirector ART_DIRECTOR             The person who oversees the artists and craftspeople who build the sets.
EditedBy EDITED_BY         IEDT   Editor name
Producer PRODUCER         IPRO   Name of the producer of the movie.
CoProducer COPRODUCER             The name of a co-producer.
ExecutiveProducer EXECUTIVE_PRODUCER             The name of an executive producer.
ProductionDesigner PRODUCTION_DESIGNER         IPDS   Artist responsible for designing the overall visual appearance of a movie.
CostumeDesigner COSTUME_DESIGNER         ICDS   The name of the costume designer.
Choregrapher CHOREGRAPHER             The name of the choregrapher.
SoundEngineer SOUND_ENGINEER             The name of the sound engineer or sound recordist.
MasteredBy MASTERED_BY         IENG   The engineer who mastered the content for a physical medium or for digital distribution.
RemixedBy REMIXED_BY TPE4           Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by.
ProductionStudio PRODUCTION_STUDIO         ISTD    
        The record label or imprint on the disc.
Publisher PUBLISHER TPUB PUBLISHER PUBLISHER     publisher Name of the organization producing the track (i.e. the 'record label').
Publisher/URL PUBLISHER - URL WPUB           Publishers official webpage.
DistributedBy DISTRIBUTED_BY         IDST    
ENCODED_BY TENC ENCODED-BY     IRIP   Name of the person or organisation that encoded/ripped the audio file.
ThanksTo THANKS_TO           contributor A very general tag for everyone else that wants to be listed.
          ITCH   Technician. Identifies the technician who digitized the subject file. For example, "Smith, John."
CommissionedBy           ICMS   Commissioned. Lists the name of the person or organization that commissioned the subject of the file; e.g. "Pope Julian II".
Encoded_Original/DistributedBy           ISRC   Source. Identifies the name of the person or organization who supplied the original subject of the file. For example, "Trey Research."
RadioStation   TRSN           Contains the name of the internet radio station from which the audio is streamed.
RadioStation/Owner   TRSO           Contains the name of the owner of the internet radio station from which the audio is streamed.
RadioStation/URL   WORS           Official internet radio station homepage.
ContentType CONTENT_TYPE  TIT1         type The type of the item. e.g. Documentary, Feature Film, Cartoon, Music Video, Music, Sound FX, etc.
Subject SUBJECT         ISBJ subject Describes the topic of the file, such as "Aerial view of Seattle.".
Synopsys SYNOPSIS             A description of the story line of the item.
Summary SUMMARY     ABSTRACT     description abstract A plot outline or a summary of the story.
Description DESCRIPTION   DESCRIPTION       description A short description of the contents, such as "Two birds flying".
Keywords KEYWORDS         IKEY   Keywords to the item separated by a comma, used for searching.
Period PERIOD           coverage temporal Describes the period that the piece is from or about; e.g. "Renaissance".
LawRating LAW_RATING         IRTD audience Depending on the country it's the format of the rating of a movie (P, R, X in the USA, an age in other countries or a URI defining a logo).
IRCA ICRA           audience The ICRA rating. (Previously RSACi)
Language  TagLanguage TLAN   LANGUAGE   ILNG language Language(s) of the item in the bibliographic ISO-639-2 form.
Medium           IMED source Medium. Describes the original subject of the file, such as, "computer image," "drawing," "lithograph," and so forth. Not necessarily the same as ISRF.
Product           IPRD title Product. Specifies the name of the title the file was originally intended for, such as "Encyclopedia of Pacific Northwest Geography."
Country  COUNTRY         ICNT   Country
(Temporal Information)
Temporal Information
Written_Date DATE_WRITTEN         ICRD date created The time that the composition of the music/script began.
DATE_RECORDED TDRC DATE RECORD DATE     date The time that the recording began.
Released_Date DATE_RELEASED TDRL   YEAR     date issued The time that the item was originaly released.
Mastered_Date DATE_DIGITIZED         IDIT date The time that the item was tranfered to a digitalmedium.
Encoded_Date DATE_ENCODED TDEN         date The time that the encoding of this item was completed began.
Tagged_Date DATE_TAGGED TDTG         date modified The time that the tags were done for this item.
Original/Released_Date ORIGINAL - DATE_RELEASED TDOR           Contains a timestamp describing when the original recording of the audio was released.
Original/Released_Date ORIGINAL - DATE_RELEASED TORY           Original release year.
(Spacial Information)
Spacial Information
COMPOSITION_LOCATION           coverage spatial Location that the item was originaly designed/written. Information should be stored in the following format: "country code, state/province, city" where the coutry code is the same 2 octets as in Internet domains, or possibly ISO-3166; e.g. "US, Texas, Austin" or "US, , Austin".
Recorded_Location RECORDING_LOCATION   LOCATION RECORD LOCATION     coverage spatial Location where track was recorded. (See COMPOSITION_LOCATION for format)
Archival_Location           IARL   Archival Location. Indicates where the subject of the file is archived.
(Personal Information)
Personal Information
Genre GENRE TCON GENRE      IGNR  description The main genre of the audio or video; e.g. "classical", "ambient-house", "synthpop", "sci-fi", "drama", etc.
Mood MOOD TMOO           Intended to reflect the mood of the item with a few keywords, e.g. "Romantic", "Sad", "Uplifting", etc.
Comment COMMENT COMM COMMENT COMMENT   ICMT   Any comment related to the content.
Rating  RATING POPM           A numeric value defining how much a person likes the song/movie. The number is between 0 and 5 with decimal values possible (e.g. 2.7), 5(.0) being the highest possible rating.
Purchased_Date DATE_PURCHASED OWNE*         date Information on when the file was purchased.
This is the "Date of purch" item for ID3Tag OWNE
Purchased_Owner PURCHASE_OWNER TOWN           Information on the person who purchased the file.
Purchased_Seller   OWNE*         rights

Might be used as a reminder of a made transaction or, if signed, as proof. Note that the "USER" and "TOWN" frames are good to use in conjunction with this one.
This is the "Seller" item for ID3Tag OWNE

PlayCounter PLAY_COUNTER PCNT           The number of time the item has been played.
(Technical Information)
Technical Information
Encoded_Application Stored in WritingApp         ISFT   Software. Identifies the name of the software package used to create the file, such as "Microsoft WaveEdit."
Encoded_Library ENCODER             The software or hardware used to encode this item; e.g. "LAME" or "XviD"
Encoded_Library/Settings ENCODER_SETTINGS   ENCODING       format A list of the settings used for encoding this item. No specific format.
Encoded_Original ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE TMED SOURCEMEDIA     ISRF source Identifies the original recording media form from which the material originated, such as "CD", "cassette", "LP", "radio broadcast", "slide", "paper", etc.
ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE - URL WOAS           Official audio source webpage; e.g. a movie.
FileName_Original   TOFN           Contains the preferred filename for the file
File_Url   WOAF           URL pointing at a file specific webpage (official audio file webpage).
BPS BPS           format The average bits per second of the specified item.
FPS FPS           format The average frames per second of the specified item.
Duration Duration
TLEN         format extent Length of the audio file in milliseconds.
Codec TrackType & CodecID & CodecName
TFLT         format Indicates, by defined codes, which type of audio this tag defines; e.g. "MPEG Audio" (default), "MPEG 1/2 layer III", "Advanced Audio Compression", etc.
(Not used)
Meta Seek Information
SEEK           This frame indicates where other tags in a file/stream can be found.
(Not used)
SeekHead & Cues
MLLT           MPEG location lookup table to increase performance and accuracy of jumps within an audio file.
(Not used)
ASPI           Makes seeking in audio files with variable bit rates easier using an audio seek point index.
Delay TrackOffset
TDLY           Defines the numbers of milliseconds of silence that should be inserted before this audio.
(Not used)   ETCO           Allows synchronisation with key events in the audio.
(Not used)
  SYTC           Synchronised tempo codes for a more accurate description of the tempo of a musical piece.
(Not used)   POSS           Delivers information to the listener of how far into the audio stream he picked up.
(Not used)   RBUF           Buffer size recommended by the server using this frame (in case of streaming).
(Not used)
          IDPI format Dots Per Inch. Stores dots per inch setting of the digitizer used to produce the file, such as "300."
(Not used)
          ILGT format Lightness. Describes the changes in lightness settings on the digitizer required to produce the file. Note that the format of this information depends on hardware used.
(Not used)           IPLT format Palette Setting. Specifies the number of colors requested when digitizing an image, such as "256."
(Not used)
          ISHP format Sharpness. Identifies the changes in sharpness for the digitizer required to produce the file (the format depends on the hardware used).
(Not used) PixelCropBottom &PixelCropTop & PixelCropLeft & PixelCropRight
        ICRP   Cropped. Describes whether an image has been cropped and, if so, how it was cropped. For example, "lower right corner."
(Not used)
          IDIM   Dimensions. Specifies the size of the original subject of the file. For example, "8.5 in h, 11 in w."
BPM  BPM TBPM         format Average number of beats per minute in the complete target (e.g. a chapter). Usually a decimal number.
(Not used) MEASURE           format In music, a measure is a unit of time in Western music like "4/4". It represents a regular grouping of beats, a meter, as indicated in musical notation by the time signature.. The majority of the contemporary rock and pop music you hear on the radio these days is written in the 4/4 time signature.
(Not used) TUNING           format It is saved as a frequency in hertz to allow near-perfect tuning of instruments to the same tone as the musical piece (e.g. "441.34" in Hertz). The default value is 440.0 Hz.
(Not used)
INITIAL_KEY TKEY           The initial key that a musical track starts in.
Gain  REPLAYGAIN_GAIN RVA2           The gain to apply to reach 89db SPL on playback. Based on the Replay Gain standard. Note that ReplayGain information can be found at all TargetType levels (track, album, etc).
Peak REPLAYGAIN_PEAK             The maximum absolute peak value of the item. Based on the Replay Gain standard.
(Not used)    RVRB           Subjective frame that allows you to adjust echoes of different kinds.
(Not used)   EQU2           Subjective alignment frame to predefine an equalisation curve within the audio file.
(Commercial Information)
Commercial Information
Purchase_Info PURCHASE_INFO WCOM           Commercial information about this item.
Purchase_Price PURCHASE_PRICE             The amount paid for entity. There should only be a numeric value in here; e.g. "15.59" instead of "$15.59USD".
Purchase_Currency PURCHASE_CURRENCY             The ISO-4217 currency type used to pay for the entity.
Purchase_Item PURCHASE_ITEM WPAY           URL to purchase this item.
(not used)   COMR           Commercial frame to store several competing offers in the same tag.
Copyright COPYRIGHT TCOP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT   ICOP rights Copyright attribution.
Producer_Copyright PRODUCTION_COPYRIGHT TPRO   PUBLICATIONRIGHT     rights The copyright information as per the productioncopyright holder.
TermsOfUse TERMS_OF_USE USER LICENSE       rights accessRights License information, e.g., "All Rights Reserved","Any Use Permitted".
Copyright/URL COPYRIGHT - URL WCOP           Copyright/legal information.
(External Identifiers)
External Identifiers
ISRC ISRC TSRC ISRC ISRC     identifier International Standard Recording Code, excluding the "ISRC" prefix and including hyphens.
MSDI MCDI MCDI         identifier This is a binary dump of the TOC of the CDROM that this item was taken from.
ISBN ISBN     ISBN     identifier International Standard Book Number.
BarCode BARCODE   EAN/UPN EAN/UPC     identifier EAN-13 (13-digit European Article Numbering) or UPC-A (12-digit Universal Product Code) bar code identifier.
LCCN LCCN           identifier Library of Congress Control Number.
CatalogNumber CATALOG_NUMBER   LABELNO CATALOG     identifier A label-specific catalogue number used to identify the release; e.g. "TIC 01".
LabelCode LABEL_CODE     LC     identifier A 4-digit or 5-digit number to identify the record label, typically printed as (LC) xxxx or (LC) 0xxxx on CDs medias or covers, with only the number being stored.
(not used)   UFID         identifier Contains an 'Owner identifier' URL followed by an ID to identify the audio file in a database, that may provide more information relevant to the content.
(Not used) Stored in Attachment elements USLT           Contains the lyrics of the song or a text transcription of other vocal activities.
(Not used) Muxed with audio as subtitles SYLT           Synchronised lyrics/text.
Cover_Front Stored in Attachment elements APIC           Contains a picture directly related to the audio file.
(Not used) Stored in Attachment elements GEOB           In this frame any type of file can be encapsulated.
(Not used)   PRIV           Contains information used by a program which does not fit into the other frames.
(Not used)   LINK           Used to link information from another ID3v2 tag.
(Not used)       RELATED       Location of related information.
(Not used)       BIBLIOGRAPHY       Bibliography/Discography.
(Not used)       INTROPLAY       Characteristic part of piece for intro playing.
(Not used)       FILE       File location.
(Not used)       MEDIA       Source, Source Media Number/Total Media Number,Source Time.
(Not used) - stored in Meta Seek Information elements and Cues -     INDEX       Indexes for quick access.
(Nested information (more information about an upper level tag))
Nested information (more information about an upper level tag)
XXX/URL URL   CONTACT*         URL corresponding to the tag it's included in.
XXX/EMail EMAIL   CONTACT*         Email corresponding to the tag it's included in.
XXX/Address ADDRESS   CONTACT*         The physical address of the entity. The address should include a country code. It can be useful for a recording label.
XXX/Phone PHONE   CONTACT*         The phone number corresponding to the tag it's included in. It can be useful for a recording label.
XXX/Fax FAX   CONTACT*         The fax number corresponding to the tag it's included in. It can be useful for a recording label.
XXX/Sort SORT_WITH             A child element to indicate what alternative value the parent tag (person, band, album, etc.) can have to be sorted; e.g. "The Beatles" => "Beatles, The", "Bob Marley" => "Marley, Bob"
XXX/Instruments INSTRUMENTS             The instruments that are being used/played, separated by a comma. It should be a child of the following tags: ARTIST, LEAD_PERFORMER or ACCOMPANIMENT.
* Several pieces of information in this tag