Description of the issue

roll_distance is (roll_distance value) but <= 3 is required


ISO IEC 14496-12 (MPEG-4 ISO base media file format):
roll_distance: "roll_distance is a signed integer that gives the number of samples that must be decoded in order for a sample to be decoded correctly. A positive value indicates the number of samples after the sample that is a group member that must be decoded such that at the last of these recovery is complete, i.e. the last sample is correct" and the value must comply to stream format constraints

ISO IEC 23003-3 (USAC):
numPreRollFrames: Common sense, "numPreRollFrames [...] Shall not be larger than 3" implies a similar limit for preroll without AudioPreRoll

Possible solution/action

ISO IEC 14496-12:
Fix the muxer in order to correctly fill sbgp with the right roll_distance value, then remux the content.