Description of the issue

(field) (value) is known as reserved in (specificiation), bitstream parsing is partial and may be wrong


Update needed


ISO IEC 23003-3 (USAC):
channelConfigurationIndex: "determines the channel configuration [...] Channel configurations, meaning of channelConfigurationIndex, mapping of channel elements to loudspeaker positions"
usacSamplingFrequencyIndex: "determines the sampling frequency of the audio signal after decoding"
coreSbrFrameLengthIndex: "determines the output frame length of the decoder, the sbrRatio and the sbrRatioIndex respectively, as well as the coreCoderFrameLength (ccfl) and the value of numSlots which is used in Mps212"

Possible solution/action

ISO IEC 23003-3:
If ISO/IEC 23003-3:2020 compatibility is expected, configure the encoder to use a value not listed as reserved in ISO/IEC 23003-3:2020, else contact the conformance checker developer in order to get an updated version.