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The No Time to Wait Conference

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision shall host the fifth No Time to Wait conference. No Time to Wait is a FREE three-day conference focused on open media, open standards, and digital audiovisual preservation managed by No Time to Wait has always been a conference that blends in-person and online participation and this year we shall work to emphasize online participation in response to the social, travel, and financial restrictions related to the pandemic.


December 8-10, 2021

Note: Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, No Time To Wait, which was originally scheduled for September 2020, had a series of postponements. As scientific and social progress continues to address the pandemic, we continue to follow policy developments and are hopeful that we can hold a safe and successful conference.

Call for proposals and conference registration coming soon.


We are currently developing a timeline to announce a call for proposals and open registration soon. To help us prepare for this, we request that you complete our preliminary survey.


The No Time To Wait conference features presentations and discussion on topics such as:

  • developing collaborative initiatives to preserve media
  • efforts to extend capabilities and opportunities within archives
  • active open media standardization projects
  • seeking consensus in audiovisual preservation strategy
  • examination of open media use in film and video digitization
  • integration of open source tools into archival workflow
  • examples of cross-community collaboration and skill-sharing
  • developments in open media
  • and more

Follow @nttwconf for news and updates about No Time to Wait. Our recommended hashtag is #nttw5.

The conference will be livestreaming on the MediaArea YouTube channel available here.


Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Media Parkboulevard 1, 1217 WE Hilversum, Netherlands.

exterior image of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Photo Credit: 85jesse

Travel Grants

As done at past No Time to Wait conferences, we are offering travel grants to potential attendees that may need support. Thanks in particular to AV Preservation by, for sponsoring these travel grants. We will announce the application process at a proper time.


The organizers of No Time to Wait strive to sustain this conference as a free registration event through efficient and transparent budgeting and via the generosity of our hosts and sponsors. The sponsors of No Time to Wait help make the discussions, presentations, and momentum of the No Time to Wait event possible and enable the event to maintain a high level of accessibility and involvement. Sponsors shall be acknowledged via the conference's website, printed programs, and presence at the conference. Sponsors may indicate that their contribution is allocated to a specific need, such as funding travel stipends, hosting a reception, or supporting live streaming. To discuss or inquire regarding sponsorship opportunities please please contact us.

Thanks to the following organizations for generously supporting No Time to Wait.

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What's the Word About No Time To Wait

No Time to Wait 2 was a strong statement in regard to the increased and enormously productive collaboration between film and media archivists and developers. It opened up a perspective for digital film preservation pathways and practices that are based on open standards, open source software, and business models which balance openness and the avoidance of vendor lock-in with plannability and adequate financial reward for developers.
-- Michael Loebenstein, Österreichisches Filmmuseum | Austrian Film Museum

No Time to Wait 3 was an inspiring event, bringing together a dynamic community of a/v archivists, developers and digital preservationists in a friendly atmosphere to facilitate open collaboration, information exchange, debate and consensus-forming. Attendees left with an invaluable network of supportive contacts as well as heads and laptops bursting with new ideas, resources and approaches to the challenges of moving image preservation. More than any similar event I’ve attended, the NTTW series operates like a vitamin injection of enthusiasm, energy and inspiration to face the work ahead!
-- Stephen McConnachie | Head of Data and Digital Preservation | British Film Institute

Want to Host No Time to Wait?

If you're interested being considered as a host for the sixth No Time to Wait. Please complete this interest form and a member of our organizing committee will be in touch with you soon.

Code of Conduct

No Time to Wait is governed by the Contributor Covenant version 2.0. All coordinators, contributors, and participants agree to abide by its terms. To report violations, send an email to or contact a conference coordinator.

Conference Planning

NTTW Organizing Committee

  • Dave Rice, Conference Manager
  • Valeria Dávila
  • Alessandra Luciano
  • Jérôme Martinez

NTTW Host Committee, Sound and Vision

  • Rasa Bočytė
  • Johan Oomen


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