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Rough Consensus and Running Archives

The third annual No Time to Wait conference shall take place October 25-26, 2018 at BFI Southbank sited on the River Thames in London. #nttw3


A FREE two-day symposium focused on open media, open standards, and digital audiovisual preservation hosted by British Film Institute and

The event will feature presentations and discussion on topics such as:

  • active open media standardization projects
  • seeking consensus in audiovisual preservation strategy
  • examination of open media use in film and video digitization
  • validation and conformance checking of audiovisual formats
  • integration of open source tools into archival workflow
  • examples of cross-community collaboration and skill-sharing
  • developments in open media
  • and more

Follow @nttwconf for news and updates about No Time to Wait. Our recommended hashtag is #nttw3.

The conference will be livestreaming on the MediaArea YouTube channel available here. A collaborative notetaking document is available here.


Day 1

  • No Time to Wait Introduction - Alessandra Luciano
  • Review of Audiovisual Preservation - Richard Wright - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Presenting the initial IASA TC 06 - Lars Gaustad - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • So Many Standards, So Little Time - Jimi Jones - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Status of CELLAR - Dave Rice - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Panel: How we FFV1, How we Matroska - Sophie Bunz (chair), Joanna White, Carl Eugen Hoyos, Dave Rice
  • Preservation Action Registry - Martin Wrigley - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Beyond RGB: Multispectral imaging and FFV1 - Reto Kromer - slides
  • Open Source & Long Term - Peter Bubestinger-Steindl - slides (PDF slides)
  • Archiving VFX - Evanthia Samaras - slides
  • Developing a High Level Preservation Strategy for Virtual Reality Artworks - Jack McConchie & Tom Ensom - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Panel: Emerging Media - Stephen McConnachie (chair), Erwin Verbruggen, Judy Wilcocks, Caylin Smith, Patricia Falcao - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Automated Tagging of Image and Video Collections using Face Recognition - Ernesto Coto & Andrew Brown - slides
  • Supporting niche formats and niche hardware - Kieran Kunhya - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Every Solution is Wrong: Normalizing Ambiguous, Broken, and Pants-on-Head Crazy Media - Derek Buitenhuis - slides
  • Archiving DAB-DAB+ Feeds - Ben Cartwright-Cox - slides (Powerpoint slides)

Day 2

  • No time to Wait symposium: How did this happen - Dave Rice - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Video evidence for human rights - Yvonne Ng - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • RAWcooked - Jérôme Martinez - slides (PDF slides)
  • If we could turn back... timecode - Ben Turkus & Kelly Haydon - slides
  • Building digital audio-visual pipelines using standards IT tools - Jonas Svatos - slides
  • Monitoring the risk of file format obsoles cence in TIBs AV holdings - Merle Friedrich - slides
  • BBC Audio and Video Preservation - Steve Daly - slides
  • Panel: The Developer-Archivist - Ashley Blewer (chair), Ashley Blewer, Stephen McConnachie, Kieran O'Leary, Edward Anderson
  • Open Media Adoption at the University of Georgia - Callie Holmes - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Assessing the preservation of DPX image sequences with MoMA - Caroline Gil & Peter Oleksik - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Multiple Masters: Case studies from the Tate Collection - Esther Harris - slides
  • Project DELFT: Digitizing ethnological films - Miriam Reiche - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Born Compressed: Should the Preservation Community Embrace Lossy Video Compression? - David Pfluger - slides
  • Media Asset Management: challenges and considerations related to balancing operational and long term archiving needs - Helen Hockx-Yu - slides
  • What steps to take when AV is yet to become a priority for your organisation - Somaya Langley - slides (Powerpoint slides)
  • Panel: Open $ource Hustle - Alessandra Luciano (chair), Callie Holmes, Kieran O'Leary, Ben Turkus, Alessandra Luciano


Thursday, October 25, 2018 and Friday, October 26, 2018

Opening: 09:00
Closing: 17:00

The 2 day symposium includes drinks and lunch on site, and a social dinner, sponsored by Axiell and Open Broadcast Systems, is planned for Thursday night.


British Film Institute, Belvedere Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8XT, UK

British Film Institute Southbank
Photo Credit: British Film Institute

Parts of the workshop will also be accessible remotely. More info soon.


The preliminary conference program is now available for review. Contact the organizing committee with any questions or comments about the conference program.

Remote Registration

Please feel welcome to register as a remote participant. We are striving to make the event accessible for remote attendance. We will be publishing information on how to stream and remotely participate in the event live. For all sessions we will have a designated onsite representative of remote participants (inspired by the Jabber scribe role defined by IETF), so that if you’d like to ask a question to a speaker and request clarification from someone onsite, there will be a designated person in the room that will monitor the chatroom and support remote attendees.

The registration for No Time to Wait is currently closed as is our waiting list.

Travel Grants

Thanks to Centre national de l’audiovisuel for sponsoring 2 travel grants. And congratulations to Callie Holmes and Clément Lafite as grant recipients.

Also thanks to International Federation of Film Archives for sponsoring 2 travel grants of 250 € each to support travel and participation in No Time to Wait for members of the FIAF community. Also congratulations to Amit Patil and Aleksandar Trajkovski as grant recipients.

Hotel Info

Recommended hotels, sorted by proximity to conference location. All prices are approximate, not guaranteed, and subject to change.

Code of Conduct

This symposium is governed by the Contributor Covenant version 1.4. All coordinators, contributors, and participants agree to abide by its terms. To report violations, send an email to or contact a symposium coordinator.


The organizers of No Time to Wait strive to maintain the symposium as a free registration event through efficient and transparent budgeting and via the generosity of our hosts and sponsors. The sponsors of No Time to Wait help make the discussions, presentations, and momentum of the No Time to Wait event possible and enable the event to maintain a high level of accessibility and involvement. Sponsors shall be acknowledged via the symposium's website, printed programs, and presence at the symposium. Sponsors may indicate that their contribution is allocated to a specific need, such as funding travel stipends, hosting a reception, or supporting live streaming. To discuss or inquire regarding sponsorship opportunities please please contact us.

Thanks to the British Film Institute for serving as the host of No Time to Wait and offering a conference space and catering.

Thanks to AV Preservation by for generously sponsoring No Time to Wait.

Thanks to the Axiell and Open Broadcast Systems for funding the social dinner.

Thanks to the Centre national de l’audiovisuel and the International Federation of Film Archives for funding travel grants to support attendance at No Time to Wait.

Thanks to the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for funding further expenses.

Conference Planning

NTTW Organizing Committee

  • Dave Rice, Conference Manager
  • Ashley Blewer
  • Alessandra Luciano
  • Jérôme Martinez
  • Stephen McConnachie

What's the Word About No Time To Wait

No Time to Wait 2 was a strong statement in regard to the increased and enormously productive collaboration between film and media archivists and developers. It opened up a perspective for digital film preservation pathways and practices that are based on open standards, open source software, and business models which balance openness and the avoidance of vendor lock-in with plannability and adequate financial reward for developers.
-- Michael Loebenstein, Österreichisches Filmmuseum | Austrian Film Museum


* Event title inspiration from